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Social Survey


Social Activity Survey

In my role as Vice-Chairman and Assistant Social Secretary on the Narpo Committee for Wiltshire I would like to say that despite the Wiltshire Police Force being small in comparison to many other Police Forces I would describe its members as part of an extended family. The Force had many clubs where social gatherings used to take place. Unfortunately at this current time we only have the Headquarters club available for such gatherings.

If you joined Narpo to avail yourselves of the many benefits it offers, you will be aware that the Wiltshire Branch is very active in arranging many varied social activities for its members.

However at our last Committee meeting concern was expressed that numbers were dwindling for certain functions and as a Committee we would ask you to help us discover what the reason for this may be and to help us in finding a way forward in encouraging more of you to participate in the arranged functions or other functions in which you would like to attend.

To this end we would as you please to take a couple of minutes and assist us by completing the following survey, and we thank you for your time in helping your committee.

This questionnaire will help your Committee when planning future events so that they are more inclusive of the full range of functions members wish to have included within the social calendar and will give a guide to the most popular types of event. Please take the time to answer the following questions.



We currently organise the following social events please indicate if you attend these functions or would like to attend them by selecting those that apply.

 Short sightseeing and/or event attending breaks (weekends Friday to Monday)
 Short sightseeing and/or event attending breaks (weekdays Monday to Friday)
 Theatre Trips for Shows
 Theatre Trips for Music Events
 Day Trips to Places of Interest
 Christmas Shopping Breaks UK
 Christmas Shopping Breaks Europe
 Christmas Divisional Evenings Swindon
 Christmas Divisional Evenings Salisbury
 Attending Widows/Widowers Meals
 Summer Barbeque
 First Friday of Month Gatherings at HQ Bar
 Attendance at AGM
 After AGM Meal


 Sporting Event Football
 Sporting Event Rugby England or Wales Autumn Series
 Sporting Event Rugby Stadium Tour
 A Comedy Show following a day at the location of the show
 Horse Racing National Hunt
 Horse Racing Flat Racing
 Cricket - Day at test
 Cricket - One Day Competition
 Cricket - T20

 Traffic Reunion
 CID Reunion
 Police Women Reunion
 Cadets Reunion
 Rugby Sections Reunion
 Football Sections Reunion

Thank you for your time completing this questionnaire please now click the send button below to submit your reply’s

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