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to the website of the Wiltshire Branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers. NARPO is the only national association that represents the interests of retired police officers.

The objectives of our association are to safeguard the rights of our members and to promote measures for their welfare, especially regarding pensions.

In some areas, the local police service no longer provides welfare support for retired officers. NARPO fulfils that role in those areas. Wiltshire is one of them.

We are always happy to welcome new members, who can join us at any of our meetings or social events.

If you are...

viewing this site as a retired police officer and prospective member, you may also wish to take a look under the tabs above.

Whilst access to most of this site is available to all, the members section requires a username and password.

Prospective members...

wishing to view this section are invited to apply to the Branch Secretary for a Username and Password through this link.  

We welcome your comments about our site. To leave feedback or report a problem or broken link, please click here

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